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hand scrub - Heavy duty
hand scrub for DIY and heavy duty

Hand scrub soap - for heavy duty & gardeners

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If you have been doing DIY all day and your hands are dirty, this is the hand scrub you are looking for.

This paste is made of black soap and ground olive kernels. Only natural ingredients!

Black soap from Marius Fabre is a made of olive oil and does not contain any petroleum or solvent-based agents. Black soap is an amazing natural multi-purpose soap that can clean tough stains, but remain gentle at the same time. Combined with ground olive kernels, it becomes a super efficient hand scrub. 

This is a fantastic heavy duty cleaner! Its natural scrub particles are 100% biodegradable, safe for the environment and will leave your skin soft. 


  • Organic olive oil.
  • Ground olive kernels.

How to use: 

Simply dab a little bit of soap paste in the palms of your hands and wet it. Wash your hands for as long as needed. Done! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephanie Oswald
Great stuff

I often come in from the garden having forgotten to wear my gloves and have dirt ingrained in my fingernails and ground into my skin.
This product removes every trace but doesn’t damage my skin.
Also great on hobbit feet after gardening in flip flops!!

Richard Tibenham
Great find.

The product is a very effective hand cleaner. The mild abrasive helps remove dirt without damaging one's skin. It isn't aggressively caustic, washes off completely and doesn't leave any sticky residue. It is quite fluid, so be careful to keep the container upright. In general, a good product.