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palm oil free soap flakes to make laundry liquid
non bio soap flakes to make your own laundry liquid

Palm oil free soap flakes for natural laundry (= 25 litres of laundry liquid)

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This product is for those who want the best of the two worlds:

  • a 100% artisan made product and a super eco-friendly laundry alternative. 

These soap flakes are a natural and effective alternative to supermarkets laundry liquid. 

Environment benefit:

  • Palm oil free.
  • dye-free.
  • fragrance free.
  • preservative free.
  • Ingredients: sodium Olivate, sodium cocoate, Aqua (water), sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

Easy recipe: 

  • For machine washing: Find an empty 1.5L bottle (ideally recycled) :  mix 30 gr of flakes with 500ml of boiling water. Stir until the flakes have completely dissolve. If your water is really hard, add a tablespoon of soda crystal. Pour everything in your container and leave it for a day. The next morning, shake the bottle a little bit (it might be a bit solid, this is normal, just shake it) and add 500ml of cold water to it. Stir the whole thing, DONE! 

Shake the detergent obtained before each use, and add a small mustard glass of laundry liquid (about 100-120ml)  directly into the drum before each wash.  Use your normal softerner as usual, unless you prefer checking our natural softener recipe. See recipe section. 



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Gwen Joly

Delivered in a few days and product is great.