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palm oil free dish soap for washing up
dish soap for washing up hundred percent biodegradable
Marius Fabre Marseille soap - Multi-use dish soap with olive oil - organic

Marius Fabre Marseille soap - Multi-use dish soap with olive oil - organic

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This is our 400g Marseille soap. The biggest of our collection.

These traditional soap cubes are vegan, 100% biodegradable and ecological. Because they are made with simple ingredients, they are very gentle on the skin, but also on stained fabrics and even upholstery. 

We love stocking Marseille soaps because they are 100% made in France and artisan made. The factory of Marius Fabre still uses old cauldrons to make their soaps and they have been using the same old recipe for more than a hundred years. 

Each cube carries the UPSM stamp. It guarantees you that this soap was made by one of the four real Marseille soap makers.



What can I do with a Marseille soap?

  • Use it as a dish soap: rub your kitchen brush against the soap, scrub your dishes and rinse. Our 400g soap will last you between 16 to 20 weeks!
  • Use it as a shower soap or a hand soap: ideal for people with allergy prone skins or sensitive skins. Plus it's plastic-free and will last at least 16 weeks. 
  • a stain remover: rub the soap directly against the stain, use a wet cloth to clean the stain and let it all dry naturally.

We love working with Marius Fabre because all their products are palm oil free, colouring free and fragrance free. This Marseille soap is an Eco-detergent and it is certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

Does it work with our new stainless steel & magnetic soap holder? Yes, it does!

Environment benefits:

  • palm oil free.
  • fragrance free.
  • no colouring.
  • no animal fat.
  • phosphate free.
  • 100 % natural.
  • ingredients: sodium olivaate, sodium cocoate, Aqua (Water), sodium Chloride, sodium Hydroxide.
  • No packaging except the little paper box.
  • Safe to humans and the environment. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nice soap

Using for hair and face, works well, thanks.

Gill and Mike
fresh as a daisy

This beautiful olive oil soap gives a wonderful, creamy lather, even with the hard water which we have. The perfume put me off a little as it is very strong, but not unpleasant. However, the smell diminishes when you use it and just leaves you feeling clean and fresh. It has no artificial ingredients in it, which is good. I am surprised at how economical it is, too. I think the bar I have will last for many weeks, despite daily use. i would imagine that anyone with skin allergies would find this soap to be perfect for them.

Ece Soylu
Amazing soap!

I love that how big this soap is, it's been months and we are still using! It cleans the our dishes nicely. Only thing I can think of maybe worth improving is smell, because it's natural, it is smelling like oil olive which is totally personal preference. Other than that, amazing product 100% recommend to everyone.

Sarah Braithwaite
Great soap, like different sizes

I wanted to try genuine savon de Marseille for different purposes around the home and this was excellent. I bought 400g block first time round which was a bit big. The 200g size is great. The soap is lovely to use - for dishes, as stain remover for laundry and in the shower. It's also a good shaving soap, we discovered. Very smooth transaction too, highly recommend La French Maison!

olive oil for everything

this soap is amazing!
the cube is a bit unwieldy, so I recommend cutting it in half, it's also great to leave out, or put in your linen drawer as it lasts longer if it is dry to start.
As with my other reviews, we are a serious skin allergy family, due to allergies to linalool, chemicals, , mould, and parfumes - so this natural soap provides a safe haven for us as we navigate difficult skin conditions.
I know some don't like the smell as it can be a little acrid, but I love it and feel really clean afterwards!
You can even wash your hair, clothing, your dog... with it! it's multipurpose fabulous
tres bien!