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bicarbonate of soda for natural cleaning
Bicarbonate of soda -  Kraft paper bag

Bicarbonate of soda - Natural cleaning products for your home.

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This is bicarbonate of soda (non food grade). It's more commonly known as sodium bicarbonate or mono-sodium carbonate. 

This product is packaged in kraft paper bag and has a multitude of environmental benefits. Why? Because it can replace several household cleaning products and because it is biodegradable.

This is the perfect product for household cleaning, but also for cleaning grease on fabric. Please, refer to our recipe section for some ideas or buy the DIY house cleaning recipe booklet. 

What can I clean with bicarbonate of soda?

  • unblock pipes and clean drains.
  • deodorise.
  • scour sinks & greasy countertops.
  • increase the effectivenes of natural cleaning products like a dishwahing detergent or a laundry liquid. 
  • remove limescale.

Environment benefits:

  • Kraft paper packaging with super thin plant based plastic liner inside. Simply recycle in your normal paper/plastic bin.
  • Not hazardous to health or to environment, but could be toxic if ingested in very large quantities. KEEP out of reach of children. 
  • Low carbon footprint.

Get our recipe booklet to know all about bicarbonate of soda and its uses. 

Customer Reviews

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Emma Chidwick
Quick delivery, great packaging

I ordered several items from La French Maison, I make my own household cleaning products and love the fact that they come in brown kraft paper bags, quick delivery, packaged really well (I ordered 5 litres of vinegar) and a lovely sample of soap and a postcard with a note on - beautiful!