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natural soap flakes to prepare your own laundry liquid
soap flakes non bio laundry

Soap flakes for natural laundry ( = 24 litres of laundry liquid)

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Soap flakes are becoming more and more popular! This is a fantastic way to do your laundry without buying bottles after bottles of laundry liquid.

Below, you will find a two very compelling points about soap flakes: 

  1. They are very cheap:
  • with our 1 kg bag, you can prepare 30 bottles (800ml) of laundry liquid.
  • if you can make 30 bottles of laundry liquid with a £10.66 bag of soap flakes, it means that each bottle of 800ml cost you 35p!!

     2. You can re-use your own container. Let's reduce plastic landfill together!

In  short, it's great for the wallet, good for the planet and good for you.

With soap flakes, you can prepare your laundry liquid in advance. Some people just prepare one litre, others prefer to prepare three litres at a time or even more.

Have you checked our easy recipe for laundry liquid? You can download all our recipes for free!

Don't forget to check our Youtube Channel for tutorial or have a look at our recipe booklet if you want to know all the tips and tricks! 


  • no additive, preservative or fragrance.
  • Kraft bag packaging with a thin plant-based inside to protect the integrity of the soap flakes. 
  • only made of coconut and palm oils, originating from crops certified organic.
  • product certified Natural Detergent by ECOCERT Greenlife.
  • manufactured and packaged in France.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Absolutely fantastic

Washes super well and easy to dilute. Bought this nine months ago and still didn't run out (2 people at home).
It's also good to know how much plastic waste you will avoid with this option. I don't need to say I'll never buy another washing soap again, right?

This all natural, no additive laundry soap is more than just fantastic on cleaning clothes!

I found this soap about a 10 months ago at a local market, and have been hunting for it again ever since as I was just running out....
It cleans like a champ!
Now that I know I can find it from La French Maison, I will be shopping here for all my soapy needs!

About 2 years ago, my partner became hyper allergic to pretty much everything after being over-toxified by mould and a series of moth extermination treatments that had been done to our rental property. We were horrified, and he was so sick, covered in rashes, I had to throw out every eco product we had, even soap, even my shampoo!...
He was finally diagnosed with allergies to parfume additives, and linalool (a thing that is in a huge amount of organic and natural cleaning and personal care products), so finding something that is pure, without additives, without parfumes, or chemicals is so important for us, and, it's also really important that it's great for the environment around us as well. It doesn't hurt that it's also really affordable, either!

I recommend that you dilute the soap as directed, decant it into a jar for regular use, and then I also add fresh water prior to putting it in the machine, and give it a little shake so it's not so gloopy!

Having this packaged in paper, knowing it is something that washes like about 8-10 months worth of clothing, and that there are other products like natural olive oil soap with no scent, etc, are reasons I will continue to shop at this truly eco and organic small business again!
This company, 5Stars! no, it's 10 stars!
Thank you xoxoxo

Camille Long
Very good product

My kids have a very sensitive skins so I decided to do my own laundry and this product doesn’t disappoint. I do a lot of washing with 3 kids and 1kg of soap flakes last me 6 months. I definitely recommend it.

Jason Wiggin
Wonderful stuff

These soap flakes are amazing, one bag lasted me almost a year! I have sensitive skin and struggled finding a product I could cope with...this is perfect for my skin and clothes.