natural stain remover powder very absorbant
clay powder to remove liquid stains

Natural stain remover- Clay sommière

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Earth sommiere is a powdered clay. It is a very fine powder that can absorb 80% of its on weight in water. 

Ideal as a dry stain remover, it will remove all sorts of stains (wine, tea etc..) but also greasy stains such as oil or makeup.

It works on all sort of surfaces: 

  • carpet.
  • leather.
  • furniture fabric.
  • floors (tiles, stones, wood, concrete)

It also neutralises and absorb stains such as pet urine on fabrics. 

Environment benefits:

  • Kind to human and the environment, but keep out of reach of children. 
  • ingredient: inert clay that has not been treated or refined. 
  • Packaged in kraft paper with a very thin layer of plant-based plastic on the inside to preserve the integrity of the product. Recycle it in your normal paper/plastic bin. 

Le Easy tip: 

Simply sprinkle your wet stain with Earth sommière. Leave it for a few hours to absorb the liquid, rub if necessary then scrape off the excess before hovering or washing.

Or simply buy our recipe booklet! 

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Thank you very much for your review. We hope you will enjoy our little surprise gift soap. It is a chunk of your Marseille soap cube. À bientôt. La French Maison.