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percarbonate of soda and natural bleach

Natural bleach- Percarbonate of soda

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Derived from common raw materials such as water, chalk or salt, percarbonate of soda is an excellent natural bleaching agent.

It actually is the only natural bleaching agent on the market!

Ideal if you want to deal with tough stains such as tea, coffee or red wine. It is also very efficient if you want to keep your white laundry white. Simply add 2 tablespoons of percarbonate of soda directly into the drum when you do a white wash! 

There are all sorts of uses for it, please check our recipe section or buy the recipe booklet available on our website.


Ingredients: Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate > 90% made with soda crystals added to hydrogen peroxide. These components are resulting from natural raw materials (salt, water, chalk).

Environment benefits:

  • does not contain any chorine or sulfate.
  • Kraft bag packaging with a thin plant-based inside layer to protect the integrity of the product.

How to use FOR LAUNDRY; 

White laundry: put all your whites inside the drum, you usual laundry liquid and softener. Then add 2 tablespoons of per carbonate of soda directly inside the drum. Choose adequate temperature depending on the fabrics. 

If you want to know more about its many uses, buy our recipe booklet! 


  • always KEEP out of reach of children.
  • store away from combustible material.
  • after dissolving, do not leave percarbonate of soda in a closed container, as it may continue to release oxygen and may leak. 
  • harmful if swallowed.
  • can cause serious eye damage.
  • wear protective gloves, eye protections and protective clothes before use. 
  • in case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and call  doctor or poison centre immediately. 
  • DO NOT mix with combustible substances or oxidising liquids. 
  • DO NOT smoke. 

Customer Reviews

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Laura Clarke

It arrived very fast, in a nice little package with a personalised note. I'm very happy.

Just fab

Discovered La French Maisonette while searching for sodium percarbonate after reading Patric Richardson’s excellent book on laundry. And I can see why he recommends it. Brilliant product, better than branded stain removers and without any of the extra ingredients. Will be buying again.

Emma Chidwick
Fabulous Customer Service with a personal touch

This stuff is amazing, just ordered another two packets, leaves my whites really white, again customer service is amazing which is why I love ordering from smaller businesses, I won't go back to large companies now, definitely recommend La French Maison

Great product and service

Clothes have come out very bright and clean. Parcel arrived with a lovely sample of soap and handwritten note thanking me for my support - how lovely! Would definitely recommend this business.

Catherine Taylor
Great value and eco friendly.

After looking at lots of different websites I eventually found this one and was very happy with the price of the product and delivery. I am in the process of making my cleaning products eco friendly so I was very happy to receive a sample of the dish soap, I love trying new things! The delivery was very fast and I will definitely be back to purchase more when I’ve nearly run out. Thank you.