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organic chocolate gift from France
chocolate hamper gift
french hamper chocolate gift
chocolate gift box - made in france
organic french hamper gift

French chocolate box: 9 unique artisan chocolates from Paris.

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This is our gourmet chocolate hamper and we only have 3 of them left! 

A unique box of 9 different chocolates handcrafted in the heart of Paris by a real "artisan chocolatier".

Organic and made with a 70% fair trade dark chocolate. This is a unique artisan food gift that comes directly from the heart of Paris. 

Below, you will find a list of each chocolate:

  • Chocolate 1: Pumpkin seeds & dark chocolate: a 70% dark chocolate shell filled with a crunchy pumkin seeds praline. Think about a honeycomb aroma mixed with vanilla.
  • Chocolate 2: Jasmin praline & dark chocolate: the combination of a smooth dark chocolate and jasmin tea makes this chocolate truly unique. The jasmin tea is infused for twenty-four hours before the ganache is prepared! A delight!
  • Chocolate 3: Coriander seeds & dark chocolate: a refined coriander seeds praline with sugar cane and dark chocolate. A sensational praline that bursts with flavours.
  • Chocolate 4: Lemony ginger & dark chocolate: the perfect combination: ginger and lemon praline coated with a sublime 70%dark chocolate. A stunning creation! You will want more of it!
  • Chocolate 5: Coconut Madness & dark chocolate: a delicious mix of coconut and almonds. You have never tried a chocolate like this one. The coconut praline is not too sweet or too intense. It's the perfect balance between the sweetness of the coconut and the sharpness of dark chocolate. 
  • Chocolate 6: Caramel, passion & dark chocolate: This is a delightful chocolate. Imagine a gooey caramel praline infused with passion fruit pulp. First, you taste the crunch of the dark chocolate followed with the delicious praline. It's an unusual flavour, but still truly delicious. 
  • Chocolate 7: Peanuts, sesame seeds & dark chocolate: A classic chocolate with a twist! The sesame seeds gives it a unique nutty aroma. The praline is really smooth and will leave a delicious after taste of roasted peanuts in the mouth. 
  • Chocolate 8: Anis seed  and dark chocolate: This is our big favourite! The praline is made with green anis seeds and a blackcurrant purée! The dark chocolate brings up together the fruity aroma of the blackcurrant and the pleasant taste of liquorice. 
  • Chocolate 9: a surprise chocolate! Only the artisan chocolatier knows what's number 9! 

Please, simply click below to learn more about each product : Discovery box: 9 artisan chocolates.
Ingredients: 70% fair trade dark chocolate *, 37% fair trade milk chocolate*, sugar cane*, almond*, pumpkin seeds*, sesame seeds*, peanuts*, coconut*, blackcurrent pulp*, lemon pulp*, passion fruit pulp*, cocoa butter*, butter*, liquid cream*, rice sirup*, honey*, jasmin tea*, fresh ginger*, green anis seeds*, coriander seeds*, candied ginger*, fleur de salt*.
Allergie advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold. This products is also used in a facility that uses peanuts, nuts, lactose, soya and gluten.
Nutritional value: please see picture on the left.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Tibenham
Top Quality

These are unlike anything I've tasted before, including some really interesting flavours. The quality of the organic ingredients and handmade production really comes out in the taste. Thanks!

Helen Spicer
Artisan Chocolates

Really tasty, and nicely presented!

John Napier
Artisan chocolates

A nice gift .... worked for Valentines Day ! Tasteful presentation and tasty chocolates . Excellent and personal service, thank you