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Who is La French Maison?

Reaching mid-thirties, I found myself questioning a lot of things. I reflected a lot about my past and my upbringing. I was lucky enough to grow up in France and in South America: French Guiana. I know first hand the difference between organic local artisan food and supermarket food. I can tell you with my eyes closed which tomato is organic just by smelling it! I have also seen the damage we do to our planet. Rainforest animals becoming extinct or rivers poisoned by chemicals. I can tell you about it, but talking about it with friends and family did not make a difference. 

People know, but they don’t act upon things. Pourquoi? Because capitalism and consumerism have taken over our love and respect for mother nature. People need to fall back in love with the main character from the oldest storybook in the world: EARTH.  This is how La French Maison was born.

La French Maison is an extension of the things that matter the most to me: the importance of living closer to nature, respect for the world we live in, and the changes that need to happen if we want a better society for our children. 

I moved to England eleven years ago and I fell in love with your country. I love the pub atmosphere, the Sunday roast, your amazing three layered sponge cakes and I practically traded my morning coffee for an English tea. But I am still me and I found myself reminiscing about the French countryside lifestyle. If you have been to France, then you know what I am talking about: French markets, the smell of freshly baked baguette, small artisans dotted around in each village and a slower pace of life. 

I am settled in England, and I love it too much to part from it. La French Maison will therefore become the bridge between my two favourite countries. An online shop, where you will find ways to lead an eco-friendly and artisan lifestyle.

While it can sometimes be difficult, we aim to provide you with products that are made in France from start to finish, hence reducing the carbon footprint that comes with products' importation. We also want our stock to come from artisans and local producers because they make the best products and they bring value and diversity to our tables. Finally, we aim to market products that are organic and when possible zero waste, because that is what's best for you and the planet.   

La French Maison will first open its doors by bringing you an alternative to your supermarket house cleaning products. Why? Because an eco-friendly lifestyle starts from within. We spend a lot of time in our house. This is a safe place where we raise a family and spend time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, house cleaning products are known to be harmful for us and for the planet. La French Maison will show you how you can easily and effectively make your own cleaning products using natural raw ingredients and re-using old containers. No more landfill, no more allergies, no more nonsense with house cleaning products. 

And this is only the beginning. We have plenty of ideas and we are hungry: hungry for a greener tomorrow, hungry for a world where quality, traditions and love for our planet and our children prevails over everything else. 


À bientôt, 


La French Maison