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Le Moly: organic cosmetics & beauty.

Jennifer is the founder of Le Molly.   


She created her company in 2014 and named it after a magical plant (mentioned in Homer's Odyssey) that has the power to make people wiser. 

Like all the artisans we work with, she is truly passionate about the natural world and the craftsmanship behind handmade products. She has put together a range of cosmetics that are natural and gentle to you and the planet. 

Everything is handmade in Pau (France), certified organic by Nature et Progrés and certified vegan & cruelty-free by Peta.

She dedicated herself to using the most natural products: cold pressed oils, unrefined shea butter, raw cocoa butter or essential oils. She would never use palm oil, paraben, colouring or artificial fragrances. 

Her products are the results of genuine love for cosmetics and nature. 

Find our range of natural deodorants Le Moly HERE.