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Marius Fabre: it is 110 years of expertise and family tradition in Provence.

  • 1900: Marius Fabre creates his soap factory. The rest is history!  

The soap company was created in Salon de Provence, in Marius Fabre back garden. They moved to their current premises in 1927 and have been there ever since. You can visit their factory and see how Marseille soaps are made. It's a great place to visit all year round and you'll learn everything there is to know about Marseille soaps. 

Since the beginning, they have been competing against petroleum-based products, but they never gave up on their principles. In 2020, they also completely removed palm oil from all their products. 

The manufacture of their products follows a traditional production. Marius Fabre's soaps are still prepared in cauldrons and dried by the Mistral (the famous French wind).

It takes 14 days to produce this soap. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Each soap is:

  • Palm oil free.
  • Preservative free.
  • Fragrance free.
  • No artificial colouring.
  • No animals fat.
  • phosphate free.

How do you know that you are buying a real Marseille soap?

Only four suppliers are currently manufacturing real Marseille soap:

Marius Fabre, Le Sérail, La Compagnie du midi & Fer à Cheval

Each of their soap bear the UPSM stamp (see picture below).

What is the UPSM stamp?

The UPSM stands for L'Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille (Professional Union of Marseille soap). The stamp is engraved in each individual Marseille soap. It guarantees 3 things: the use of natural ingredients, its traditional manufacture and its origin.

  • Natural ingredients:  Marseille soaps are always made with 72% of vegetable oil (olive oil or copra oil). A Marseille soap is also  palm oil free, vegan, colouring free, preservative free and fragrance free.
  • Traditional manufacture: a Marseille soap is made in a cauldron and the manufacture process is called "Procédé Marseillais". It covers five steps: l’empâtage, le relargage, la cuisson, le lavage and liquidation.


The values of La French Maison are 100% in line with Marius Fabre. All their soaps are stamped with the UPSM stamp (Union des professionels du savon de Marseille/Union of professional Marseille soap makers). 

Have a look at their amazing Marseille soaps! 



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