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The traditional French know-how for marseille soap since 1894.

Certified by the UPSM:  Union des professionnels du savon de Marseille (Union of the professionals of Marseille soap). This certification guarantees that it is a real Marseille soap. Each soap is made in a cauldron, with plant oils exclusively. It is fragrance free, dye-free, preservatives free and made in Marseille or in the Marseille region. All our soaps from La Corvette (La Compagnie du midi) bear the USPM stamp on them: 

Certified Ecocert Greenlife: La Corvette is among four other factories that manufacture the real Marseille soap.  Since 2007, they have adhered to the Cosmebio charter that guarantees that 95% of their ingredients are natural and that they are respectful of nature and its animals.

Choosing to work with artisans is really important for us. Our values: "Authenticity & Devotion" are at the core of everything they do. French artisans represent not only a traditional knowledge, but also a commitment to protect centuries old recipes and a know-how. The quality of their craftsmanship cannot be beaten or copied by supermarkets. 

We will always prioritise the work of an artisan over the rest. 

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