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The Eco Drugstore (aka La Droguerie Ecologique) is a brand that is pushing the boundaries of Zero waste! They are the advocates of DIY house cleaning products.

Their products and recipes will allow you to make your own house cleaning products while using natural raw ingredients that are efficient and respectful of the environment.

50.5% of their products is made in France and 34.7 % is from Easter European. Their products are certified by Ecocert Greenlife, and they are also in line with FSC requirements and the Organic Farming label.

The Eco Drugstore has also designed a 60 pages booklet that gives you all sorts of tips, tricks and recipes to make your own cleaning products. 

We love the idea of making our own cleaning products because we think it is important to take back control over some of the products that we use daily. Making your own house cleaning products means that you will:

  • reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that you use.
  • reduce the amount of plastic spray bottle that you buy from supermarkets.
  • increase the air quality of you house, especially if you live in a passiv house. 

Discover now their range of natural cleaning products.

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