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GreenMa is our very first tea supplier.

Right from the start of La French Maison, we wanted to include a range of teas within our hampers. Unfortunately, most teas come from far away countries and don't necessarily align with our ethos. It's actually quite difficult to find a tea / herbal tea supplier with a transparent track record and premium quality ingredients. 

There was a lot of uncertainties surrounding the addition of teas within our French hampers until we discovered GreenMa. They are based in France, near Metz and all their herbal teas are 100% made in France, hand-picked and organic. 

Greenma's products are certified organic by AB Agriculture Biologique and 100% plastic-free. 

Behind GreenMa is Cécile. She is passionate about teas / herbal teas and their amazing properties. She collaborates with a French herbalist to create blends that not only taste amazing but have health benefits. 

Her beautiful collection of teas is 100% plastic-free. Each flavour comes in a reusable tinted glass jar to protect the tea leaves from the light and she only creates blends with loose tea leaves, plants, spices, herbs and flowers. Our favourite is the Thyme tea! Very aromatic and fragrant. 

In 2019, she won the Epicure Gold Award for her Magic mama tea. This blend of carefully selected plants, herbs and spices is 100% made in France. Inside, you will find rosemary, peppermint, scots pine buds, thyme and marshmallow flowers. This drink is both invigorating and refreshing with a touch of warmth from the thyme leaves. No wonder it won an award! 

In 2021, she introduced a brand new product to her collection: a cacao tea. It's 100% lactose free, caffeine free, sugar free and it tastes like a hot chocolate. Guess what! You will find this exceptional chocolatey drink in some of our hampers 2021! 

Feeling curious? Why don't you look at our collection of artisan French hampers and artisan tea hampers? 

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