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This is Les Abeilles de Malescot (Malescot's bees), our new artisan beekeeper.

This family-run business is located in a village called Bouglon, in the Lot and Garonne region. Their beautiful and secluded land is made of several meadows, woods, ponds and cultivated plots.

The beekeeping adventure started with Hervé (the head of the family) but it did not take long until his daughters Manon and Clara joined the team. Now, Hervé, Manon, Elise and Clara work together to bring you the best produce direct from their land. 



Everything they make is sold on local markets and little épiceries. All their products are seasonal, artisan made and certified organic. They say it themselves: "We produce less than others, but ou products are better quality."

Their apiaries are placed in different location across their land and never moved. Hervé and his family work hard all year round to plant bee-friendly plants, flowers and trees near the hives and let Nature do the rest. The bees are left alone to do what they do best.

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