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Plastic-free soap holder uk
Magnetic soap holder - Minimalist look
Magnetic soap holder - Minimalist look
Magnetic soap holder - Minimalist look

Magnetic soap holder - Minimalist look

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This is our magnetic soap holder!

Minimalist, easy to use, durable, plastic-free and glue-free. This soap holder will change your life. 

You can place it anywhere you want: shower wall, inside your sink bowl or on the bathroom mirror.

IMPORTANT: Against a vertical surface, it will hold a 200g soap bar.  On a flat horizontal surface, it will hold up to a 400g soap bar. This soap holder is designed to hold your soap in place to dry. If you are attempting to scrub a washing-up brush against it without holding the soap in one hand, it will inevitably wobble.

How to install: 

1. Press the magnetic cap inside the soap. 

2. Firmly press the silicone sucker onto the backing surface of your choice. There should be no air bubbles in between the silicone sucker and the flat surface. Make sure that there are no soap suds on the surface of the backing surface, as this will reduce the sucker’s adhesion strength. Thoroughly rinse the backing surface with water before applying the sucker. Also, ensure that the backing surface is flat and smooth and dry.

3. Let  the magnetic device do the rest. 


This soap holder will allow your soap to dry properly without getting mouldy. No more traces of soap on you sink, no more mouldy surfaces. Each time you want to use your soap, just pull it gently from the sucker, use it and place it back as if nothing happened. 

What is it made of? 

  • Magnetic cap: stainless steel, 23mm.
  • Wall sucker: flexible PVC, phtalates free.  
  • Made in France.




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great soap holder

Perfect to keep your soap dry and the shower or the sink always clean.
Merci 🙂

Aurelie Waltzing

Exactly what I was looking for.
Practical soap holder, magnetic effect is strong!

Rebecca H
Lovely Soap Holder

I love this little soap holder. It does what it’s meant to do, it keeps my soap dry and it’s got a minimalist, sleek look to it. It sticks perfectly on my bathroom tiles and has stayed there since I bought it, so the suction is really good on it too. Very impressed!

Amanda Farquhar
Great concept

These magnetic soap holders are amazing, I love showering with natural soap but didn’t like the way it sat on the side or a dish that forever collected scum. I bought a few to not only put them in my bathroom but also friends showers with soap in for them to find, they loved them 😁

Beth Coupe

Excellent soap holder - I'm sure my soap will last longer as it's not sitting in water.