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La Chambre aux confitures is our artisan jam supplier. 

They are located in the heart of Paris and each year they manufacture unique blends of fruity jams.

They started their company in 2011 with one goal: creating a range of artisan jams full of flavours and completely different from the mainstream trend. 

We love them because they offer a range of traditional flavours and a range of modern flavours such as Yuzu or Strawberry & tonka bean. We also love the fact that their jams taste like fruits and not sugar. It's so easy to think that jams are sweet by nature, but when you'll try one their artisan creations you'll immediately change your mind.  

They never add preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours to their products. Their main ingredient is seasonal fruits and sugar. 

They also work in partnership with Hédène (a luxury French honey brand from the Pyrénées) and together they created a delectable collection of jams made with seasonal fruits & local French honeys. The flavours are absolutely delicious and each jam is bursting with flavours. Our favourite: the Apricot & chestnut honey jam.


How can you eat these jams? 

  • With some freshly made crêpes. 
  • For breakfast, with a nice slice of baguette (and butter).
  • As a filling for a Victoria sandwich cake.
  • On crumpets.
  • On scones.

The possibilities are endless. Browse our delicious collection of artisan French food hampers and discover which jams we selected this year! 

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