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We are really proud to work with Coupable Tartinable. 

This fantastic company manufactures traditional French pâtés and vegetarian spreads from scratch! 

Located in Le Havre, Coupable Tartinable source their ingredients from local farmers. When they can, they systematically choose organic producers and meet their suppliers in person. The Chef, Quentin, loves working with French local farmers and supporting his local community. 

Meet the team: 

  • Quentin is the founder & "chef de cuisine". He lovingly prepares all the pâtés and the vegetable spreads. He loves fishing, rugby, tennis and good French food. 
  • Morgane is the co-founder. She deals with the administrative side of things and the customers. She goes for a run every Sunday morning and she has a sweet tooth.
  • Tanguy is the new addition to the team. Coupable Tartinable has been so successful that they needed another pair of hands to deal with the manufacture of theirs products & the logistic. 

They traditional French pâtés are flavourful, not too salty, not too fatty. Just the right amount of everything. The best way to eat them is on a nice slice of pain de campagne with French cornichons (pickles).

Their veggie spreads are delectable. Various vegetables and spices are wonderfully combined together to create a moreish treat for plant lovers. All their spreads are made with seasonal vegetables and bursting with flavours: courgette & goat cheese, roasted carrots & chickpeas purées, black olives & parmesan and much more. 

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