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Comme Avant is a French family-run business and it was created in 2017 in the PACA region of France (Provence Alpes Côte D'Azur).

Behind the birth of Comme Avant, you have Nil and Sophie.

Their first child, Nael, experienced a lot of skin irritations and redness caused by conventional products. At the time, they tried to use soaps and creams that were as natural as possible, but he kept having skin problems. That's when they decided to look into manufacturing their own soap. 

After a couple of weeks and a few trials, they finally manufactured a soap for their son. Result: no more redness, no more skin irritation. That's when the idea of Comme Avant started to grow.

Their ethos:

  • Produce less, but better.
  • Manufacture natural, simple & efficient products.
  • Full transparency.

In 2017, they had five members of staff. Now they have fifty. 

They have also created a non-profit charity fund dedicated to protecting wildlife from the PACA region and to educate people about sustainability. 


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