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Behind Naturayl is Aurélie.

It all started with a passion for handmade soaps. She's the kind of person who loves going to soap shops no matter how many soaps she already has at home.

One thing led to another, she quickly started reading about the topic of soap making and all the different techniques to manufacture cold-pressed soaps. She also learnt about the benefits of different plants and other ingredients before she took the decision to turn this passion into a career. 

Her soap laboratory is attached to her house in France. Like an annexe. 

All the ingredients she uses are certified organic, palm oil free & plastic free. She uses various organic essential oils, different kind of clays and dried flowers to create a fabulous range of cold-pressed soap bars. 

Her ethos: Naturel, Beau & Bio, meaning Natural, Beautiful & Organic.

Among her range of products, she also makes shampoo bars, shaving soaps and much more. She started all alone and now she employs four people. She also just invested in her first boutique. 

We are really happy to work with her & her team! Another amazing French artisan that we are proud to represent in England.

Browse now our range of organic soap bars from Naturayl. 

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