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LaFrenchi is an independent artisan located in the heart of Paris! 

Her name is Julie and she is a one-woman band. Like me, she loves food and in particular chocolate. 

She started off her professional life as a graphic student and she worked for Apple for a few years. However, the pull towards a different lifestyle was too strong and she soon realised that it was not too late to pursue a different dream.

She quit everything and retrained as a pastry chef at the school Ferrandis Paris. The same year, during the Christmas season, she decided to prepare for her loved ones a range of delicious chocolate spreads. It was the perfect opportunity to show them what she was capable of....and guess what! It was a success! Actually, it was such a success that she started imagining all sorts of chocolate spreads flavours and caramel spreads flavours.

2018 will be her big year! She opened LaFrenchi and started manufacturing a range of chocolate spreads and caramel spreads all by herself. She only uses organic nuts. All her products are palm oil free, colouring free and additive free. 50% of her range is gluten free. All her spreads are vegan and some are even lactose free. 

In short: it meets the needs of everyone! 

Browse our artisan French hampers to see for your yourself!

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