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What can you only get in France?

France is a country of traditions and customs. One of the best ways to explore France is by shopping. Whether you're looking for the perfect souvenir or just want something new and different, there are countless options! Here are some of the best items that only France has to offer!


For anyone who loves summertime, there is nothing like the feeling of wearing a beautiful sundress with a pair of Tropéziennes. The iconic leather sandal born in the French Riviera is one of my all-time favourite shoes. Loved by models and celebrities, you can find similar leather sandals on any high street across the world. However, nothing quite compares to the chic comfort of the originals! It's no surprise that designers like Rondini have been making the same shoes for over 90 years. They only make what is best, and being from Saint Tropez - that means quality!


Among all the mustards you can find anywhere, Dijon and Beaune are truly special. The people of these towns make this distinctive condiment famous for its distinct flavour. In Dijon and Beaune you'll even find specialty shops that sell varieties of this condiment not found anywhere else in the world, plus other French delicacies such as roquefort, chanterelle mushroom with sorrel, or mustard with the local pomace brandy - Marc de Bourgogne. 

Champagne Cosies 

It’s no secret that the French have a profound appreciation for wine and, therefore, the amount and variety of wine paraphernalia you’ll find in French shops might not come as a surprise. Champagne cosies are just one gift you’re sure to find in local champagne houses and are designed to keep your bottle of bubbly nice and chilled or to protect it when it is in transit. Available in a selection of styles and shapes, a champagne cosy will make a unique gift that your loved ones won’t forget!

Chestnut Paste

The French have a thing for chestnuts and this delicious paste is no exception. A staple on the shopping list in France, chestnut paste or "crème de marrons" is made from the perfect combination of vanilla, sugar and steamed fresh chestnuts. There is no better topping for your crêpes! You won't regret bringing some back home and indulging yourself in the French favourite! 

French "Parfums"

Perfumes have been around for centuries and France has always played a key role in shaping the fragrance industry. Thanks to its long history, modern day brands are still inspired by their classic predecessors. Chanel and Christian Dior are some of the French giants known across the world! 

The best places in France to find a unique perfume experience and fragrance is not always at your local department store. There are many, hidden gems that offer exclusive scents you can't get anywhere else!

One of the most distinctive features about French culture is how they have maintained their country's tradition as a centre for perfumery. In many towns and cities throughout France, you can find small boutique stores where skilled "parfumeurs" mix scents to create customised perfume just as it was done centuries ago! With every spray you are transported back to your time in this beautiful country. 

A French Beret

Despite the "cliché", when visiting this country of fashion, a beret is a must-have item you need to take home with you. The beret has long been associated with Parisian artists, but it can also be seen today on the streets of France. The French fashion statement is still popular around Europe and beyond!

Although you can purchase a beret from anywhere in the world, knowing yours is from the motherland of beret-wearing adds something even more special! You are bound to turn heads for all the right reasons with this stylish and classy accessory. From cheap to boutique, there's a beret for every head and occasion.

With the hidden treasures that France has to offer, the list is endless. I hope this guide has given you just some ways you can bag yourself a little piece of France!

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