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The confinement: 3 ways to stay positive.

You might think that this confinement is an absolute curse. You feel trapped and frustrated because you cannot control what is going on in your life. The days seem longer and longer and you run out of ideas of things to do at home. If your partner still goes to work, you worry that they are going to catch it. If you are stuck at home with your children, you are probably even more stressed. If you live alone, you might feel even more isolated than before. Actually, come to think of it, you might be wearing pyjamas all day these days.

A lot of these feelings come from the living conditions imposed by the confinement, but also from our perception of the situation itself. But what if we could transform some of that frustration and negativity into positive and constructive productivity.

Let me share with you three approaches that could help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Numéro 1: Observe, Categorise & Adapt to change.

Are you working from home, retired or simply staying at home alone? As long as you don’t have more than one child in your care, you might have the time to implement a few changes to your daily confinement routine.

Our lives are full of things that we do not need. These things clutter our living space and our mind. In our day to day life, we tend to purchase things that we could easily do without. This confinement is showing us what we need and what we don’t. For example, in the madness of people bulk buying, I found myself without any egg. My initial feeling was panic, but after a few days, I realised that I could do without them. I changed my ways, researched recipes about vegan cookies, and baked them. The same thing happened with my gym membership. How was I going to workout if I am confined to my house? I ended up researching online classes and I am now doing all sorts of workouts from the comfort of my home and for free. I am convinced that the same can be applied to objects, clothes or fashion items. The confinement has lead me to change my habits and adapt. In a way, it has showed me that I can change my ways, that nothing is final and that there is always another alternative, if not a better alternative.

In a world where we are constantly encouraged to consume, it is refreshing to be able to live without the things that we thought we could not live without. A lot of people have been deep cleaning their houses and decluttering. Maybe that's something you could do too.

So let’s pause and rethink our approach to life. Declutter, save money and maybe even save time. We can then redirect this time and money towards things that are more meaningful to us.

Numéro 2: Reevaluate your stance regarding planet protection.

I think we can all agree: we miss being outside. I have never missed the countryside so much.

A lot of people are already talking about how crazy it’s all going to be at the end of the confinement. People going out to bars and restaurant, consuming, spending money they saved, and in way forgetting that it all happened. 

If there is one thing that this confinement is teaching us, it’s the importance of our planet. We are all missing it, aren’t we? The fresh air, the walks in the park, nature.

Yes, this confinement is a reminder that we are not meant to be stuck indoor. We need to be outside to thrive, but that is where the paradox lies. While we are remaining indoor, the natural world is finally taking a breath of fresh air “so to speak”. The air pollution has drastically reduced, especially in big cities. The noise pollution has also reduced. Wild animals are reappropriating themselves the cities: birds, foxes, ducks, and other creatures of this world. Seeing these changes happening in real time is a clear sign that we are directly linked to our planet’s health and wellbeing and it is also an indicator that we have the responsibility to do something about it.

While some people cannot wait to be out and about, drive around, buy, consume and dispose, I believe this confinement to be the perfect time to redefine our priorities before everything gets back to normal.

Today, we are stuck at home because of coronavirus, tomorrow our children and grand-children will be stuck inside too if we let pollution increase.

Rethinking our consumption habits is crucial. Redefining what we need and what we want in the future is vital too. Ditch polluting household items for better alternative. You could decide to make your own natural cleaning products. We have some very easy cleaning recipes on our website and they are free to download. What about buying books or toys in charity shops instead of buying new ones? That’s another way to reduce wastes. Or, choose a product in a paper packaging instead of plastic.

During this confinement, we can all think about a way or two that we can make a change for the planet. Just see it as an “end of confinement resolution" and stick to it once you are running wild and free.

Numéro 3: Enjoy this time with your loved ones.

I do not have children, but I know it can be difficult to deal with children when you cannot take them outside. Add to the challenge the fact that one of the parents or both might have to keep working from home, plus the noise, the mess, the arguments and the frustration of everything else. It is hard and stressful for everyone. Let’s say it as it is: it’s enough to drive you insane.

However, this is also the opportunity for you to spend time with them. How many times have we been too busy to even take five meaningful minutes in a day with our loved ones? We live in such a busy world: work responsibilities, family duties, bills to pay, kids’ education, depressing news on the TV, pollution, Brexit. I could go and and on.

This confinement is allowing us to avoid some of our daily hassles such as the dreadful morning commute, being stuck in traffic for hours, useless long meetings, work tensions or rushed tea time with the kids.

All of the above is now “gained time” for you and your family. They might drive you really crazy lately, but you still love them.

There are a lot of reasons why the confinement is a difficult moment for all of us and there are a lot of uncertainties.

As we are all confined to our homes, this is the ideal opportunity to rethink a couple of things, take new resolutions or change habits. Let’s have a new approach to our daily life and kickstart a thing or two. 

We can refocus our energy on ourselves, our family and the world we live in.

À bientôt,

La French Maison.


La French Maison