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Why should you switch to homemade eco-friendly cleaning products?

Have you ever considered making your own house cleaning products? If not, here are 5 reasons why you should definitely do it.

Number 1: It’s a money-saver!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, price is important. When we spend money, we like to buy something that strikes the right balance between price and quantity. Making your own house cleaning products is an absolute game changer. 

Homemade cleaning products require at most 3 main ingredients and will always help you save money in the long run. 

Let’s take the example of the homemade laundry liquid with soap flakes: you will need a 1kg packet of soap flakes (£13.91), some water and maybe  a 500 gr packet of soda crystals (£3.20). Total initial cost: £17.11. 

We can see you frowning already, but wait a second, this is only the initial cost. Remember that you are making your own laundry liquid. Once you have your ingredients, you only need a very small amount of each to make a bottle of laundry liquid. Actually, you just need 33 grams of soap flakes, 1 spoon of soda crystals and water. Voilà! 

  • with one kilo of soap flakes, you can make 30 bottles of 800 ml of laundry liquid. 

Which means that one homemade bottle of laundry liquid actually costs you 57p. 

 Number 2: All these products are easy to make. 

A lot of people will argue that it takes time and commitment and that it is much easier to buy all we need directly from the supermarket. Wrong again! We are not talking about baking or making French patisserie. 

For DIY cleaning, you use about 3 different ingredients, you mix them together and done! You have to read the recipe booklet, but you don’t have to read the whole booklet in one go, just select what interest you, follow the instructions and you are done. 

Number 3: It’s not time consuming: 

There are two kinds of products: 

  • those that you will prepare in advance like the laundry liquid. It will take about 7 min of your time to prepare it and then you have enough to make several laundries. 
  • Those that you mix and use on the go. Usually, they are just mixed with water or organic alcohol vinegar. It takes next to no time! 

Number 4: It’s better for the planet:

Oui! It’s the truth!

First, by making your own house cleaning products, you reduce landfill. Recycling is great and we all do it, but reusing things is better. Nationwide, we use 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year. That’s an average of 117 bottles per person, per year. Because we only manage to recycle 45%  of our plastics in the UK, it means that 55% of all the rest ends up in other countries, in landfill or in the oceans. 

Second, some of the liquids contained in cleaning products are harmful to the environment and to you.  Yes, the UK has waste water treatment facilities, but some compounds still manage to get through and have a substantial and negative effect on wildlife. When you make your own cleaning products, you get rid of all these issues. 

Number 5: It’s better for your health:

Have you ever started cleaning your house and coughing soon after? This is caused by the content of the cleaning product you are using. Not only can they trigger allergies, irritations or headaches while you are using them, but they have long terms effects as well.

Yes, you could argue that our parents were exposed to the same kind of cleaning products all their lives and are still in good health, but our parents grew up on a planet that was a lot less polluted than it is now. Unfortunately for us and for our children, it’s not only the cleaning products that are a problem, but also the pollution in the air we breathe or the various chemicals and pesticides in our food.

Switching some of the cleaning products we would buy in supermarkets with eco-friendly options is the best way to make an effort for the planet and for ourselves.

 Start with an easy switch! Get yourself a Marseille soap cube with our dishwashing  brush! You are now officially washing your dishes à la green. 

À bientôt, 

La French Maison.